SpaceX Explosion Decimates Facebook Satellite 

Doubts raised about SpaceX’s future viability

The 229 foot tall Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket exploded during testing.  The explosion took place on Thursday Sept 1 at around 9 am.  There are no known injuries and the cause of the explosion are as of yet unknown.

The explosion took place during the testing of the rocket which was outfitted with a satellite owned by Facebook.  The satellite was to be used for Mark Zuckerberg’s often publicized plan to provide free internet access to portions of Africa.  The satellite cost is estimated to be $200 million US.

Zuckerberg had the following statement on the issue:

Mark Zuckerberg Statement

Mark Zuckerberg released a statement regarding the loss of the $200 million satellite designed to bring free internet access to much of Africa.

It is as of yet unknown how this will reduce Nigerian email scams.





Source: The SpaceX Explosion: What You Need to Know | WIRED

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