Lotte Reiniger’s Google Doodle

Google today celebrated what would have been animation pioneer Lotte Reiniger’s 117th birthday with a beautiful and very old-school Google Doodle that relied heavily on stop motion animation rather than computer animation. Doodlers at Google usually rely on more high-tech animation techniques in order to minimize the labor intensity of such a project, but this one was done in true Reiniger style. ¬†See the full video after the jump if you haven’t already today. Stay tuned for a look behind the scenes of the Doodle’s creation.

The low-tech style and techniques used in the creation of this Doodle are a great homage to the work that Reiniger did when pioneering the animation techniques.

Lotte Reininger created visually stunning and fantastical films using black cardboard, scissors, and boundless imagination. Pre-dating Walt Disney by nearly a decade, Reiniger pioneered a style of animation that relied on thousands of photos of paper cut-out silhouettes arranged to tell a story. It was a painstaking process that involved moving paper characters ever so slightly and snapping a photo of each movement. -Google Doodles

Reiniger has been a great inspiration to a number of modern animators including Google Doodler, Olivia Huynh who built this tribute doodle from scratch using black cardboard and rivits, shot frame-by-frame from a 7-foot tall camera apparatus rigged to have multiple glass layers to add additional dimension to the film.

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